Tips On How To Promote Yourself As A Music Studio Producer

As a music studio producer who is keen to create a buzz for himself, you can easily find numerous websites on the Internet to showcase his talents. Social networking sites that connect people, like Facebook and MySpace, can also offer musical artists the unique opportunity to interact with their would-be fans and friends.

On a website like MySpace, producers and musicians and producers can design and manage their own page that lets them upload mp3 tracks their profile, that allows you to upload mp3 tracks to a play list. Through free steaming, the clips are available for fans to listen and enjoy. Make friends with people who share your tastes and identity. Your news feeds and updates will give them a glimpse into what you are doing musically. By adding friends you can network and include people into your news feeds and updates. MySpace can also be used as a platform for videos.

While Facebook is less specifically geared towards the needs of music producers, the website has attracted millions of users. By setting up a fan page, you can address anyone who likes your music directly. To make your fan base grow and generate a buzz about your music, add other musicians who produce within your genre. Join groups and post links but don’t overdo the self-promotion. Nothing chases people away faster than overkill.

On YouTube, you can upload your own videos to put your music out there and bring it to the people. It is a bit like managing your own TV channel on an enormous network. Starting with your own recorded track of music, you can use Windows Movie Maker, which is already on most computers, to create your own slide show. Add a few of your own pictures and use the drop and drag technology to add them to the right place and even add a few effects like fades, for instance. To add it to your YouTube channel, you will need to save it in another format. Make viewers notice your channel by adding friends and subscriptions, by commenting on videos created by users with similar content and even by posting video responses to clips you like.