8 Tips to Find the Best Recording Studio for You

Selecting a recording studio will be determining for your musical career. Good quality records will take your music to the next level, increasing professional appeal and showing that you are serious about it.

You can use several criteria to assess recording studios and to choose the best one.

1. Online Research

The most logical step in today’s hi-tech world is online research. Use Google to find the websites of several recording studios. Pay attention to details and compare the possibilities, the experience of the staff and the equipment that each studio possesses. Create a shortlist with several studios that you find attractive.

2. You heard it through the Grapevine

The experience of other musicians will also be helpful. You will get to hear about the actual recording process and the professionalism of the studio’s staff.

Listen to the records of other musicians to figure out whether you like the quality. If you do, ask more about the studio.

3. What’s Your Music Genre?

Your genre will limit the possibilities a bit further. Some studios are specialised, working with jazz or soul musicians. This is in no way indicative that they will be capable of doing a stellar job with hard rock. Go through the portfolio of the studio to figure out what its genre specialisation is.

4. Sample the Samples

Samples of the studio’s work will provide all the additional information that you will be incapable of finding online. Listen to as many samples as you can find. If the website of a recording studio lacks audio samples, you have a reason to worry.

5. Eye it up

Are you alone or do you have a band? The size of the facility will be determining for its ability to record. Sometimes, it could be mandatory for all of the band members to record together. There should be enough space for a comfortable and creative recording session.

6. The Engineer

The engineer is probably the most important recording studio professional. Everything depends on the skills and the experience of the sound engineer.

Ask for samples of the studio’s engineer work. You should also inquire about credentials and the bands that each of the engineers has worked with. The engineer is the person that determines the quality of the audio, so you should be certain before you agree to working together.

7. What’s your budget?

Determine your budget. Working with some recording studios could be too expensive for you. It is possible to find good price to quality ratio. There is no need to spend a fortune on the record, especially if your music career is just getting started.

8. Are you Ready?

Practice makes perfect. You should be in top shape, when looking for a recording studio. The quality of the record will very much depend on your skills and your performance. Practice with the band, so that you will be 100 percent ready for recording.

Doing a bit of homework will help you select the best recording studio. Use internet and talk to other musicians. Ask many questions and contact representatives of various recording studios to figure out which one is the best for you and your music.

Eva Brandt is a panel member of Rock School and has over 20 years’ experience as a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer.a