Killer Music Production Tips

When I first setup my home studio I can recall mixing a song for hours only to burn a CD, take it to my car, and be disappointed. Bad mixes are a common problem for most beginners. While music production software has many options and features, the human hear is the final judge of a good mix.

Bad Mixes are often a result of poor hearing, however this can be changed with a couple of adjustments. Here are the biggest mistakes newbies make when mixing music.

Studio Monitors are the number one culprit of bad mixes. You will get what you pay for, so choose a good set of studio monitors. Pick monitors from popular brands for optimal result. Where studio monitors are not available, utilize four playback devices, headphones, house speakers, multimedia speakers and a subwoofer.

Here’s another mistake producers make when picking a place to set-up a home studio.

Most Home Studios are setup in small rooms, usually bedrooms and den areas. Small rooms create muddy mixes. Attempting to mix your song in a small room will create an imaging problem.

Incorrect Imaging makes it hard for your ears to determine which instrument is being panned and correct panning creates clarity. My best advice is avoid mixing in rooms smaller than 6ft X 6ft.

Another common mistake is Lack of Soundproofing. Many newbies will either use soundproofing too little or overuse it.

Start by Placing Studio foam behind your studio monitors, this will kill the echo from the front end of your room. Then, place an object like a diffuser or bookshelf on the wall directly behind you while you’re mixing your track, this will help you to clearly hear the mid frequencies. Create bass traps for your studio. Bass traps will reduce the low end rumble in your studio. Research you will find plenty of websites that will show you how to set-up bass traps and soundproof your room. All these tips will ensure better studio mixes in the future.